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Mr Swartz

Candidate bio: 

Attorney Enver Swartz obtained a B.Proc from the University of Johannesburg and has worked as an attorney since 1993. Since 2013 he has acted in the Gauteng division of the high court for a total 55 weeks.

Interview synopsis:  

Attorney Enver Swartz was quizzed on alleged improper behaviour, including that he had not submitted audited financials for his practise to the law society in time. He told the Judicial Service Commission that the delay had been caused by his not having signed off on the document because he was acting at the high court at the time.

He conceded that he had “no excuse” for not learning an indigenous language. Asked whether judges made law, he responded that “judges pronounce on the law” and don’t make it.

Swartz said a good judge was someone who “should listen carefully”, “treat all litigants equally” and “hand down judgements promptly”.