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Introduction to the JSC

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is made up of 23 representatives from different structures of the government and South African legal community. Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, the Chief Justice, presides and in his absence, the Deputy Chief Justice. This is currently Deputy Chief Justice Rayomd Zondo. Judge Raymond Zondo was interviewed by the JSC in April 2017 and was appointed by President Zuma.

The purpose of the JSC

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) performs an advisory role to the President and national government on any matters relating to the Judiciary or administration of justice. The committee was established in terms of section 178 of the Constitution.

The JSC also assists in interviewing all of the candidates for the judicial posts available across South Africa and following those interviews the committee makes recommendations for appointment to the bench to the President.

Lastly, the JSC sees to all complaints brought against Judges.

The 23 members include:

  • Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, the Chief Justice (or the Deputy Chief Justice in his absence, currently, Justice Zondo*)
  • The President of the Supreme Court of Appeal (currently  Justice Maya**)
  • A representative for the Judge Presidents, who run the divisions of the High Court, currently it is thought to be Judge Hlophe, but this needs to be confirmed.
  • Mr Ronald Lamola, the Minister of Justice
  • Adv Dali Mpofu SC represents the Bar
  • Adv Jennifer Cane SC represents the Bar.
  • Mr Notyesi represents the attorneys
  • Mr Fourie represents the attorneys

Some members of parliament and representatives of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) including Ms. Thandi Modise, the speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa.

There are also National Assembly representatives of minority parties; the IFP, the EFF and the DA. The law academics are also represented. The President has four appointees, currently Adv Thandi Norman SC, Mr Sofiso Msomi, Adv Thabani Masuku SC and Adv Nkosi Thomas SC.

Also present at each interview is the Judge President of the division which is being interviewed for – the prospective boss of the judge – and a representative of the Premier for that province.

For further details read our article: Who sits on the JSC panel?

*Judge Zondo has been appointed Deputy Chief Justice by President Zuma.

** Judge Maya has been appointed the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) by President Zuma.


JSC Meetings

As members of JSC act in other professional capacities, the JSC and its various committees meet twice a year for a week, usually in April and October.

The meetings are generally held in Midrand at the Office of the Chief Justice and the JSC Secretariat makes all logistical arrangements for all commissioners and is responsible for collating an agenda and documents relating to general matters to be dealt with by the JSC.

Complaints against judges

Complaints against Judges who contravene the Code of Judicial Conduct must first be reported to the JSC Secretariat which is located within the Office of the Chief Justice. The Code of Judicial Conduct provides for ethical and professional standards is required of every Judge.

To find out more about the JSC click here: https://www.judiciary.org.za/index.php/judicial-service-commission/about-the-jsc

Read our article: Who sits on the JSC panel?


[Updated: September 2019]