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October 2021 JSC call for nominations

Judicial Service Commission Media Announcement: Judicial Vacancies

This serves as a reminder to interested candidates that the closing date for nominations for the vacant judicial positions stipulated hereunder is Monday, 05 July 2021.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) invites nominations to fill vacancies as Judges in the following courts:

1. Constitutional Court
Two vacancies

2. Competition Appeal Court
Judge President
Two vacancies

3.Eastern Cape Division of the High Court
One vacancy in Mthatha
Three vacancies in Grahamstown

4. Electoral Court
Two vacancies of a Judge. Candidates nominated for this position should be Judges of the Division of the High Court.
Two vacancies of a non-Judge member. Candidates for this vacancy should be South African citizens who are in the legal profession. The second non-Judge member will take appointment with effect from April 2022 when the term of the current incumbent expires.

5. Gauteng Division of the High Court for Secondment to the Land Claims Court (Two vacancies)
Candidates for these vacancies may either be sitting Judges of any of the Divisions of the High Court who may seek to be seconded to the Land Claims Court, or persons who are South African citizens and would, upon appointment as Judges of the High Court be seconded to the Land Claims Court. Candidates nominated for these positions who are not Judges must, for a cumulative period of at least ten years, have practiced as Advocates, Attorneys, lectured in law at University, or by reason of their training and experience, have the fields of law and land matters relevant to the application of the Restitution of Land Rights Act, 1994.

6. Free State Division of the High Court
One vacancy

7. Gauteng Division of the High Court
One vacancy

8. Limpopo Division of the High Court
One vacancy

9. Mpumalanga Division of the High Court
One vacancy (Middelburg)
One vacancy (Mbombela)

10. Western Cape Division of the High Court
Two vacancies


Nominations must be accompanied by the candidate’s written consent, detailed curriculum vitae disclosing the candidate’s formal qualifications for appointment, the standard questionnaire completed and signed by the candidate, as well as copies of at least three written judgments by the candidate. The standard questionnaire to be completed by all nominees is available on the South African Judiciary website: www.judicary.org.za alternatively on the Constitutional Court website: www.constitutionalcourt.org.za. The questionnaire must be accompanied by the standardized latest “clearance certificate” (for candidates who are not serving Judges) which the candidate is required to obtain from his/her professional body regarding the candidate’s professional status within that body, his or her suitability for appointment to the Bench and the nature of any disciplinary proceedings completed or pending in respect of the relevant candidate.

Candidates nominated for more than one Superior Court must submit a separate nomination letter in respect of each court. The JSC reserves the right to recommend a candidate for the filling of any vacancy which may exist at the time of the interviews. This is to avoid the situation which has arisen in the past when, despite the availability of suitable candidates, no appointments could be made to fill vacancies which had occurred subsequent to the notice calling for nominations. Consequently, in making nominations, regard should be had to the possibility that more judicial vacancies may occur than have been advertised.

The Secretariat wishes to emphasise the following points:

  1.  Interviews with short-listed candidates will be conducted in public, i.e. members of the public and the media (both electronic and print) will be entitled to be present.
  2.  It is open to persons or bodies nominating candidates to motivate their nominations by referring the JSC to the candidate’s qualifications and general fitness for appointment.
  3.  Nominations must be addressed to and reach the Secretariat of the JSC by no later than Monday, 05 July 2021.

Interviews will take place during the week of 04 – 08 October 2021 at the Office of the Chief Justice in Noordwyk, Midrand.

Candidates who wish to email their nominations are encouraged to do so and need not hand deliver hard copies. However, candidates who wish to hand delivery their nominations could do so either at the Office of the Chief Justice, 188, 14th Road, Noordwyk, Midrand alternatively at the Constitutional Court.

Applications must be addressed to:
The Secretariat of the JSC
Office of the Chief Justice
Private Bag X10

Tel: (010) 493 2687 alternatively (010) 493 2633
Email: Chiloane@concourt.org.za and TPhaahlamohlaka@judicicary.org.za
CC: JSC@judiciary.org.za

Candidates who wish to hand deliver their nominations could do so either at 188, 14th Road, Noordwyk, Midrand alternatively at the Constitutional Court.

Download the original announcement from the Office of the Chief Justice: Judicial Vacancies – Call for Nominations