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Official Media Statements

Below are the official media statements regarding the Hlophe JP, Goliath DJP and Salie-Hlophe complaints.

JSC Media Statement:

Judicial Conduct Appeals Committee’s decision on the appeal by Judge President Hlophe against the decision by former Chief Justice Mogoeng on complaints by Deputy Judge President Goliath: 20 September 2022


JCC Media Statement: 

During the week of 14 to 18 December 2020, the Judicial Conduct Committee (Committee) will hear appeals lodged by certain appellants on complaints against some Judges. Among these appeals, the Committee will consider the appeal by Hlophe JP against the decisions of the Chief Justice in the complaints lodged by Goliath DJP against Hlophe JP and Hlophe JP against Goliath DJP. This appeal is scheduled for 14 December 2020 at the Constitutional Court, commencing at 10h00.: 25 November 2020


JCC Media Statement:

Deputy Chief Justice’s decision on the complaint by Deputy Judge President P Goliath against Judge G Salie-Hlophe: 9 March 2020


JCC Media statement:

Hlophe, Goliath and Salie-Hlophe complaints: 11 February 2020


Western Cape High Court official statement:

Goliath vs Hlophe: 3 February 2020


JSC Official statement:

Goliath vs Hlophe JP and Salie-Hlophe: 29 January 2020


JSC Media statement:

Goliath vs Hlophe JP and Salie-Hlophe:8 December 2023