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JCC Media Statement: Judge Goliath against Judge Salie- Hlophe

JCC Media Statement: Judge Goliath against Judge Salie- Hlophe

JCC Media Statement: Judge Goliath against Judge Salie- Hlophe

Judicial Conduct Committee

9 March 2020



It is hereby made known that after considering the complaint lodged by Deputy Judge President P Goliath against Judge G Salie-Hlophe, the Deputy Chief Justice was satisfied in terms of section 17(1) of the Judicial Service Commission Act 9 of 1994 (JSC Act) that, in the event of a valid complaint being established, the appropriate remedial action against Judge Salie-Hlophe will be one or more of the remedial actions listed in section 17(8) of the JSC Act. That means it will be a lesser sanction than impeachment. Such remedial action includes an apology to the complainant, a reprimand, a written warning, or appropriate counselling.

Given the above, the Deputy Chief Justice has, in terms of section 17(1)(b) of the JSC Act, designated Justice N Dambuza, a Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal who is also a member of the Judicial Conduct Committee, to conduct an inquiry into the complaint in order to determine the merits thereof. In terms of section 17 such an inquiry need not necessarily be a formal inquiry but may be a formal inquiry if the member of the Committee designated to conduct it decides that it should be a formal inquiry. An inquiry conducted in terms of section 17 is required to be inquisitorial in nature and there is no onus on any person to prove or disprove any allegation of fact.

Issued by the Secretariat of Judicial Conduct Committee

Read the full official statement: JCC Media statement – Complaint by Goliath DJP against Salie-Hlophe J_9 March 2020

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  1. Avatar
    Vusi Ngqokomashe
    May 11, 2020

    Good day
    My CSO LANDROSA also lodged a complaint against Judge La grange in December 2019, surprusingly we received a letter from Ms Kutlwano Moretlwe of the JCC Secretariat informing us that our complaint has been dismissed as frivolous.

    What is surprising is that she mentions Goliath DJP, saying that our complaint was decided as per Goliath DJP, we are confused as to how does one complaint by a Deputy Judge President affect another separate complaint by a CSO, does Judges Matter monitor other complaints as well, and can you be of assistance in confirming whether our complaint was decided upon at all?

    • Judges Matter
      Judges Matter
      May 12, 2020

      “To our knowledge, Deputy Judge President Goliath was a member of the Judicial Conduct Committee and would have dealt with your complaint in that capacity. The complaints between DJP Goliath and JP Hlophe are completely separate and would have no bearing on the handling of your complaint.”

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