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Comments on Candidates

Judicial candidates

Twice a year the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) interviews candidates for various judicial positions in the Superior Courts of South Africa. These candidates are lawyers, advocates, attorneys, magistrates and sometimes professors. Many of these candidates will have also served as acting judges in the courts. For some of the positions, for example the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court, these candidates are usually already sitting judges.

For each round of JSC interviews candidates are nominated and the shortlist of nominations is made available to the public. Members of the public then have the opportunity to make a formal comment on these candidates to the JSC. If you have information about any of the candidates that you think the JSC should take into consideration when nominating people for appointment to the bench then this is your opportunity to submit this information to the JSC.

The next round of JSC interviews takes place from 4 – 8 April 2022. See the candidates here.

How to comment on judicial candidates

Law bodies, lawyers, magistrates, civil society organisations and members of the public can contact the Judicial Service Commission and comment on any of the candidates.

It is suggested that if you wish to submit a comment on a candidate that you write a formal letter to the Secretariat of the Judicial Service Commission.

Secretariat of the Judicial Service Commission

Please send your comment to these three email addresses:

If you feel it is in public interest you can also send a copy of your comment to us at Judges Matter addressed to Alison Tilley at alison@judgesmatter.co.za

Details of your comment

When submitting a comment or complaint to the JSC you should provide as much detail as possible. Here are some guidelines for what to include;

  • The nature of the comment or complaint.
  • The reasons why you feel the need to bring this comment to the JSC’s attention.
  • Background and history to the reasons for your comment.
  • Any evidence or supporting documents.
  • The steps you have taken to solve the problem yourself (if applicable). You should mention names of the officials you have been dealing with, on what dates, and what was said. Copies of any correspondence between you and the officials should be attached to your letter.
  • A contact number where you can be reached or email address.

The Judicial Service Commission contact details:

The Secretariat of the JSC
Office of the Chief Justice
Private Bag X10

Tel: (010) 493 2687 alternatively (010) 493 2633



You can watch the interviews LIVE on the Judges Matter live stream.