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Our most read articles of 2017

Our most read articles of 2017

Our most read articles of 2017

Throughout the year we write articles to share more information about the JSC, the judges’ interview process and the South African judicial system as a whole. Here is a list of our most read and most popular articles in 2017.

1. Malema’s questions for judges at the JSC interviews

Posted: 14th March 2017

As one of the more challenging individuals making up the 23 JSC members, Julius Malema seldom fails to disappoint the spectators at the JSC interviews with his knack for putting candidates in the hot seat.

2. No nomination for North West Deputy Judge President

Posted: 12th June 2017

Two candidates were interviewed by the JSC in April for the position of Deputy Judge President of the North West Division of the High Court. The first candidate to be interviewed was Judge Ronald Hendricks.

3. Zuma removes JSC members

Posted: 7th March 2017

In a press statement, The Presidency announced that President Zuma had decided to replace three members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). Namely, Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza SC, Advocate Ismael Semenya SC and Ms Andiswa Ndoni. This move has been described by The Sunday Times as ‘a new assault on the judiciary’. The Sunday Times report says that the ANC wants its ‘deployees’ on the JSC to push for a re-look at ‘the appointment criteria used’ by the constitutional body to appoint judges to the superior courts. But, they say, opposition MPs and civil society bodies have vowed to fight the ANC’s plans, saying they were an attempt to create ‘a subservient judiciary’.

4. Three new members of the JSC panel

Posted: 19th July 2017

In March 2017 President Zuma appointed three new members of the JSC (Judicial Service Commission). These members replaced the previous members namely, Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza SC, Advocate Ismael Semenya SC and Ms Andiswa Ndoni. The new members are Advocate Thandi Norman SC, Advocate Thabani Masuku SC, and Mr Sifiso Msomi.

5. The failure to appoint

Posted: 9th October 2017

The opportunity not to do something is as important as the chance to do something. This JSC has chosen to step back on making appointments to two leadership positions in the Northern Cape and the North West. In both instances the interviews of the candidates left a clear trail of clues as to why the appointment was not made.

6. Who sits on the JSC panel?

Posted: 26th September 2016 (Updated October 2017)

The JSC is made of up lawyers, politicians and judges, and a lone academic. With hearings happening twice a year in the first week of April and October, here is a guide to who is who on the JSC.

7. Advocates being struck off the roll 

Posted: 21st November 2016

Advocates being struck off the roll is the subject of some debate at the moment, and the question generally comes down to whether the person is ‘fit and proper.’ That sounds vague, but because the courts have spent time defining it, there are definitely circumstances where an individual can be deemed to be not fit and proper.

8. ANC to examine criteria for Judges 

Posted: 8th March 2017

It was reported on Sunday, 5 March 2017, that the ANC wants its deployees on the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to re-look at the “appointment criteria” used to decide who becomes a judge. In discussion documents, which have now been made public, the party is reported to want; “judges with a progressive philosophy and who advance judicial activism to give effect to social transformation to be appointed to the Bench”.

9. The make-up of South Africa’s judiciary

Posted: 29th March 2017

Transformation of the judiciary is a key focus for the Judicial Service Commission and the Office of the Chief Justice. Judges Matter has put together an infographic based on the numbers of the Judiciary make-up taken from statistics gathered in March 2016. This provides a visual summary of the race and gender transformation in the superior courts of South Africa.

10. JSC fail to find new Judge President for Eastern Cape

Posted: 5th June 2017

On Thursday, 6 April 2017, the Judicial Service Commission interviewed four candidates for the position of Judge President of the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court. The candidates were Judge M Makaula, Judge Z M Nhlangulela, Judge J E Smith, and Judge D Van Zyl. The current Judge President of the Eastern Cape, Themba Sangoni, is retiring later this year.



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