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Official Statement: Hlophe’s defiance of JSC

Official Statement: Hlophe’s defiance of JSC

Official Statement: Hlophe’s defiance of JSC

Official statement from Judges Matter regarding Judge President John Hlophe’s apparent defiance of the JSC, the President, and the Office of the Chief Justice:

Judges Matter notes with concern the reports that Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe has allowed a suspended judge to serve in the division and allocated new cases to him.

“The suspension of Judge Parker by the President on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission is one of two judicial suspensions ordered by a South African President in the history of this country. “ said Alison Tilley, co-ordinator of Judges Matter.

“The allegation that the Judge President is ignoring this suspension is deeply worrying. Judge Hlophe is already facing very serious allegations of judicial misconduct, including allegations of assaulting the very judge who has been suspended.

We understand that Freedom Under Law, a non-profit organisation led by Justice Kriegler, is bringing an application to interdict the Judge President from allocating cases to the suspended Judge. We are alarmed that this has become necessary and support them in this step.” said Tilley.

We believe that the JCC will be addressing this during the week of 14 to 18 December 2020 when they will hear appeals lodged by certain appellants on complaints against some Judges. Among these appeals, the Committee will consider the appeal by Hlophe JP against the decisions of the Chief Justice in the complaints lodged by Goliath DJP against Hlophe JP and Hlophe JP against Goliath DJP. This appeal is scheduled for 14 December 2020 at the Constitutional Court, commencing at 10h00.

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