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Bringing transparency to the JSC process

Bringing transparency to the JSC process

Bringing transparency to the JSC process

Every year in April and October Judges Matter runs strategic social media campaigns in order to bring the Judicial Service Commission Interviews to you. These multi-level campaigns include Facebook posts, live tweeting, YouTube videos and most importantly a live stream of the JSC interviews themselves. The JSC interviews are open to the public and our aim is to enable as many members of the public as possible to have access and watch the interviews as they happen.

In October 2017, John Jeffery, South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development said:

“I am not a great one for praise and complements but the work that DGRU is doing on making the JSC interviews accessible is very impressive.”

To give you some insight into the reach of our social media campaigns we have put together a detailed summary of our statistics for 2017.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2017 report:

  • Over 100 000 people visited the Judges Matter website
  • Judges Matter’s tweets reached over 1.7 million people
  • Judges Matter’s Facebook posts reached over 5.2 million people
  • The videos of the JSC interviews were viewed on YouTube 379 291 times
  • The live stream of the JSC interviews was viewed by more than 10 000 people


You can download the full report here; Judges Matter 2017 Report




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