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Ms Magdalena de Klerk


An attorney from Polokwane, De Klerk obtained a B.Proc from the University of the Free State in 1987, a BA (Hons) in 1998, and also completed a certificate in human rights.

She worked as a clerk in the department of justice, and then the department of home affairs, before taking on a job as a part-time lecturer at Technikon Pretoria.

A director of DDKK Attorneys from 2000, she headed its family law department. In the past two years, De Klerk has acted in the North Gauteng High Courts and the Limpopo High Court.

A Child-line board member, she has two articles published in De Rebus, with “Fair Divorce: Misconduct does not play a part in forfeiture claims” winning the 2014 prize for legal practitioners.


Interview Synopsis

Being fastidious appears a requirement for judges – where precise attention to detail in considering evidence, hearing argument and writing judgments are integral parts of the job.

De Klerk bombed out early on when it became apparent than rather than agreeing to her candidacy after a nomination by a third party, she had applied for the job herself — something which the advertisement clearly did not ask for.

She was asked questions about her experience in criminal and family law, but she had struck out very early on in the interview.