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Ms Antolize Lamminga

Capacity: Regional Magistrate

Candidate Bio:

From Tzaneen, Lamminga holds a B.Juris and an LLB. Having worked as a public prosecutor in the Pretoria Magistrates she is currently working as a regional magistrate with over 20 years of experience working in the law.
In 2014 and 2015 she acted as a judge in both the North and South Gauteng seats of the division.

October 2021 JSC Interview:

On Wednesday 5 October, Ms Lamminga interviewed for a position in the Limpopo Division of the High Court.
She was one of 3 shortlisted candidates, all of whom were unsuccessful. Following deliberations, no candidates were selected for nomination to the Limpopo Division of the High Court.

We do apologise, but due to technical issues, there are no recordings available for this interview.


October 2016 JSC Interview:

October 2016 Interview Synopsis

Lamminga told the commission how she had fallen into law after initially being intent on becoming a doctor. While a first-year medical student a car accident, which had left Lamminga rethinking her life, proved a seminal moment in the decision to pursue a legal career, she said.

“Law is this living creature that evolves and changes. It keeps you on your toes,” she said, describing an apparent love-affair, “It is something that enables me to make a difference. This is the reason I want to be a judge – because I want to take that one step further.”

She was also asked about her experiences of working as an acting judge, and how that compared to a magistrate’s work and how she found the task of writing judgments.

Describing judgment writing as a “skill that has evolved quite a lot” she said there was more scrutiny of one’s work on the high court Bench