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Mr M A Mathebula

Candidate bio:

Attorney Mpina Mathebula obtained a BA and LLB from Wits University. His career path has included lecturing at Vista University and working as a commissioner at the Commission fro Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. He has held leadership positions including president of the Law Society of the Free State and chairperson of the Black Lawyers Association in the province.

Interview synopsis: 

In an interview that just reached a quarter of an hour, Mathebula was asked about his experience and areas of specialisation while working as a lawyer.

Free State Judge President Mahube Molemela quizzed Mathebula about his experiences acting in her division and the challenges he faced. He said there were no major challenges and that the had no difficulty writing judgments.

Mathebula had two judgments outstanding at the time of the interview. The reasons he gave for the delay in one was that he was still waiting for written heads of argument. He was asked the regular questions about his aptitude for languages and some mildly adverse comments from the Bar.