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Judge C M J Fortuin

Capacity: Judge
Further appointments: N/A
First appointed as a judge: 29-04-2010

Key judgments: (1) September v Subramoney NO and Others (EC10/2016) [2019] ZAEQC 4 (23 September 2019) ; (2) Fischer v Persons listed on Annexure X to the Notice of Motion and those persons whose identity are unknown to the Applicant and who are unlawfully occupying or attempting to occupy Erf 150 (remaining extent) Phillipi, Cape Division, Province of the Western Cape and Others; Stock and Others v Persons unlawfully occupying Erven 145, 152, 156, 418, 3107, Phillipi & Portion 0 Farm 597, Cape Rd and Others; Copper Moon Trading 203 (Pty) Ltd v Persons whose identities are to the Applicant unknown and who are unlawfully occupy remainder Erf 149, Phillipi, Cape Town and Others (9443/14; 11705/15; 14422/14) [2017] ZAWCHC 99; 2018 (2) SA 228 (WCC) (30 August 2017) 

Gender: Female