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Judge Lawrence Lever

Capacity: Judge
First Appointed: April 2021
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Date of Birth: 13 March 1961

Key judgments:

  • Morudi and Others v N C Housing Services and Development Co Ltd (1735/2014) [2016] ZANCHC 69 (12 August 2016)
  • E v Master of The High Court, Kimberly (432/2020) [2021] ZANCHC 11 (8 January 2021)
  • N v North West Housing Corporation 2010 (3) SA 90 (NWM) ;
  • B v Minister Of Justice And Constitutional Development And Others 2014 (1) SACR 479 (NCK)

Candidate bio:

Advocate Lawrence Lever has worn different hats in his legal career, having started out in legal practice as an advocate, and then moving into academia as a lecturer at the University of the North West. He later ventured into politics when he was a Member of the National Council of Provinces between 1999 – 2004, representing the Democratic Alliance, before returning to legal practice as an advocate.

Lever’s extensive court experience is not only evident in his appearances in South African courts but also his admission to the High Court of Botswana, where he maintained the right of appearance for a number of years.

Lever was appointed a Senior Counsel in 2016, 28 years after he was first admitted to the Johannesburg Bar. He has been appointed as an Acting Judge on numerous occasions since 2007, both in the Northern Cape and North West High Courts.

Sixty-year-old Lever holds a BA and an LLB from Rhodes University. Despite his colorful career, he regards the training of upcoming legal practitioners, both when he was a lecturer and later as a judge, as his most significant contribution to the law and pursuit of justice in South Africa.


April 2021 Interview: 

Adv Lawrence Gerald Lever SC’s April 2021 interview for a position on the Northern Cape Division of the High Court was successful. He was nominated for appointment.