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Mr Graehymme Jesus Williams

Mr GJ Williams - October 2019 - JSC interviews


Current position: Attorney

Date appointed: Started his own firm in 2002

Candidate bio:

Williams has self-published a book entitled The Painful Ramifications of the South African Democracy which sounds like it could cause a stir in the political and judicial spheres.

He describes the book as a no-holds-barred “perspective of an ordinary South African” and an “attempt to vocalize the unheard cries of the silent majority. If it is the truth, it should be uttered even in the face of animosity and rejection.”

“It gives an overview of various aspects in our democratic order which, should be known and of concern to the leaders of our nation, but for various reasons, and particularly because of its sensitivity, is rather disregarded or, for the sake of peace as opposed to justice, left in the ‘chambers of silence’.”

Williams joined the United Democratic Front in 1988 and was also a member of the Congress of South Africa Students and the “Congress Youth Movement” according to his CV.

Williams has a skippers license. He is a Diocesan Chancellor and was nominated by the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of George, who commended Williams for assisting in the “resolution of an inherited fraud problem” in the district.

He has acted at the Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court in 2017 and 2018 but has no acting experience in the superior courts.

Fifty-two year-old Williams holds a B Juris (1992) and LLB (1994) from the University of the Western Cape. He also obtained a certificate in company and commercial law from his alma mater in 2018.

He started his own attorney’s firm in 2002 and has worked mainly on criminal matters but has experience in personal injury, property and commercial law, et cetera.

He is chairperson for the Council for the Built Environment Appeals Committee and was a member of Valuation Appeal Board, Department of Local Government, Western Cape in 2011 and 2012.

October 2019 interview: