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April 2019 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the April 2019 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

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This month we salute all the womxn in the Judiciary.
Together we can make the difference.

#WomxnJudges #WomensMonth #JudgesMatter https://t.co/cjtVqZ7z0L
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The JSC has announced its candidates for the October 2022 JSC interviews.
Law bodies & members of the public are encouraged to submit their comments on the suitability of candidates by no later than 29 August 2022.
View the full list here: https://t.co/X9jaXutS3o

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This August we would like to acknowledge and appreciate the womxn in the Judiciary who are constantly striving to make our legal system more inclusive.

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[NEWS] "Kriegler to challenge ruling that he retract remarks on Hlophe"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe

We stand in solidarity with our friends at @SERI_RightsSA who are facing violence, intimidation and arson for protecting the rights of vulnerable street traders through a court order.


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[PRESS CONFERENCE] Today at 13:00, SERI will hold a press conference on the @CityofJoburgZA's incitement of violence against SERI & its staff following last week's High Court order involving the unlawful prohibition of informal trade.

Details here | https://t.co/tVHu8qpsuF https://t.co/7g3YVII8J0

[NEWS] "'Breach of professional ethics': Meyiwa case defence lawyer Teffo called to withdraw allegations"
Times LIVE


[NEWS] "Retract remarks over John Hlophe, Judicial Conduct Committee tells Johann Kriegler"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe

[NEWS] "ATM seeks undertaking that Ramaphosa will not suspend Hlophe"
@TimesLIVE https://t.co/dGw93OUY7x

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe

[NEWS] "Warning of untold damage: Former ConCourt justices adamant Hlophe must be sent packing"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe

[NEWS] "Mixed reactions to JSC's recommendation to suspend Judge President John Hlophe"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe #JSC

[NEWS] "Hlophe ‘contemplating’ court action against JSC"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe #JSC

[NEWS] "JSC denies allegations it was under pressure over Hlophe’s suspension recommendations"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe #JSC

With the recent appointment of Justice Maya to the position of Deputy Chief Justice, we thought we would take a closer look at what the role of DCJ entails https://t.co/YnVWhJy87M
And what qualities Maya brings to the job.
Watch her full interview here: https://t.co/YnVWhJy87M https://t.co/2HQce5WhmP
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25 July 2022

"The JSC deliberated and resolved to advise the President to suspend Judge President Hlophe in terms of section 177 (3) of the Constitution"

Read Full Media Statement: https://t.co/4KigZYKeI3 https://t.co/qkxCLAP2VL
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[NEWS] "Judicial Service Commission recommends Hlophe's suspension to Ramaphosa"

#JudgesMatter #Hlophe #JSC

[MEDIA STATEMENT] 25 July 2022

The Chief Justice congratulates Justice Maya on her appointment as Deputy Chief Justice

Read full Media Statement here: https://t.co/wj4gLq7F5N

#JudgesMatter #DeputyChiefJustice #ChiefJustice #justicemaya https://t.co/YfCwCMeyYG
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