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April 2018 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the April 2018 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

Twitter @Whyjudgesmatter

4 days ago
Last year Judge Mandisa Maya was been appointed the first woman President of the #SCA. Read her profile here: https://t.co/h1WuwDpLgh #JudgesMatter #JSC https://t.co/cY8Nuqxmv8 WhyJudgesMatter photo
5 days ago
As we celebrate Mandela Day we thought we would share some of his words on the Constitution, the rule of law and our democracy: https://t.co/UDFDU6Ccjv #JudgesMatter #MandelaDay https://t.co/pwdsN8lMLq WhyJudgesMatter photo
6 days ago
During the #JSC interviews, candidates frequently have to respond to questions on judicial transformation. But the JSC has an uneven approach to how it questions candidates: https://t.co/VNQxWPVe8c #JudgesMatter #SCA #ConCourt https://t.co/3kZMz9hYCO WhyJudgesMatter photo
1 week ago
@kraaibos @MbekezeliMB Thank you for your feedback. We would welcome any comments on the substance of the judgment in this case. #JudgesMatter #SCA #NPA #judiciary @MarianneThamm @dailymaverick
1 week ago
@OCJ_RSA @CASACZA @Bowmans_Law Will the public be able to watch this lecture live? #JudgesMatter #OCJ #ConCourt
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