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April 2018 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the April 2018 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

Twitter @Whyjudgesmatter

9 hours ago
[News] Enough with court delays! Mpumalanga judge president fed up with tardy attorneys: https://t.co/2zCHZ1gwCk via @TimesLIVE #JudgesMatter #Mpumalanga #Justice #JudgePresident
1 day ago
Does a focus on the length of judgments rather than their substance risk a poorer justice being delivered to litigants and society as a whole? https://t.co/vXEfTlP3la #JudgesMatter #ConCourt #SCA #Mogoeng https://t.co/7iDREoc4np WhyJudgesMatter photo
2 days ago
What role can judges play in preventing the Stalingrad legal strategy of criminals bent on manipulating the system? https://t.co/IjxEk9w4D2 #JudgesMatter #Justice #ConCourt https://t.co/76C6P5DT8o WhyJudgesMatter photo
2 days ago
[News] Second man freed from life sentence after judge's murder-trial bungle: https://t.co/nqQu87gKcu via @TimesLIVE #JudgesMatter #Mkgoba #JudgePresident #Limpopo #SCA
2 days ago
The #JSC has a challenge when it comes to transformation of the judiciary but their approach to this appears somewhat uneven: https://t.co/VNQxWPVe8c #JudgesMatter #SCA #ConCourt https://t.co/OzRmtnTlh6 WhyJudgesMatter photo
3 days ago
@Nhlabathi21 Hi Brian, the Electoral Court is not a full-time position. The current President, Judge Shongwe also sits on the SCA. Judges Lamont & Wepener sit on the Gauteng bench. Members who are lawyers return to their practices when the court is not sitting. #JudgesMatter
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