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April 2016 Live streaming

Here is the live stream of the April 2016 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

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[NEWS] "Crucial housing judgment still outstanding after 16 months. Judiciary has failed to explain why"


[OPINION] "Gender transformation on the Bench — What Justice Mandisa Maya’s interview tells us about women’s place in the judiciary"

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[NEWS] "Endless court postponements deny justice to poor people"


[NEWS] "No evidence judges were influenced by SSA, says Zondo"


All people are equal before the law? According to the results of the most recent @DGRU_ survey, results indicate that our perceptions of un/equal treatment before the law is driven by how a countries 'officials' are subjected to the law.
Learn more here: https://t.co/uyuMVSDJqg https://t.co/VExEKjoUSJ
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[NEWS] "Advocacy groups raise concerns regarding ongoing Judge Hlophe case"

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What is the real state of our judiciary? The @DGRU_ recently completed a 4-year comparative analysis investigating the state of the judiciary in the High Courts of Malawi, Namibia and SA, from a court user and judges perspectives: Learn more here: https://t.co/uyuMVSm8yI https://t.co/08fx1b1c2M WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] "Hlophe granted leave to appeal 'gross misconduct' finding at the SCA"

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The JSC’s failure to deal with judicial misconduct complaints efficiently is a grave threat to the judiciary. The complaint against Judge Makhubele is a case in point - 4 years later, proceedings are yet to begin.
Learn more: https://t.co/RtZACgQSVy https://t.co/xZUf0yGwk3
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[NEWS] "Judge Mandisa Maya’s support of Afrikaans in her mother tongue, isiXhosa, a pioneering moment"

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[NEWS] "AS IT HAPPENED | Maya: 'I am not friends with JP Hlophe'"

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Commissioner Tshepe notes that the JSC interviewed Justice Maya as part of the president’s consultation process in terms of the constitution. “The JSC has decided to advise the president to appoint Justice Maya as Deputy Chief Justice” #JSCinterviews

The #JSCinterviews is now giving a briefing on the deliberations after Justice Maya’s interview.

Spokesperson Doris Tshepe and Sesi Baloyi are now on the podium.

After 4 hours, Justice Mandisa Maya's interview for Deputy Chief Justice has ended.

The JSC now breaks for lunch and then will return for deliberations.
What is the role of the JSC in this process? Find out more: https://t.co/YnVWhJy87M


The #JSCinterviews are near the end, CJ Zondo asks Justice Maya to give a closing statement.

Justice Maya says she has no closing statement but thanks the activists who brought her name to the attention of the President, who nominated her for the Deputy Chief Justice position. https://t.co/zzmZAQniiW
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Commissioner Barnard if Maya as leader of the @SCA_ZA does quality control to eliminate mistakes going forward? Maya says there's only been only or two mistakes that she's noticed but the appeal process is to fix mistakes.
Watch live: https://t.co/bkT3Ypqjx3
#JSCinterviews https://t.co/ngnKtuE40s
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