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Oct 2016 Live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2016 interviews:

Twitter @Whyjudgesmatter

@Mfanaboy All the videos of the #JSC interviews will be uploaded next week. #JudgesMatter

@MJ_Chuene Hi, videos of all the #JSC interviews will be uploaded next week. #JudgesMatter

@Chief_AA_ZILWA All the videos of the #JSC interviews will be uploaded to our website next week. #JudgesMatter

@FootballHere All the videos of the #JSC interviews will be available on our website next week. #JudgesMatter

@FootballHere More vacancies became available at the court, hence the #JSC decision to nominate seven candidates. #JudgesMatter #Gauteng

For the charge of misconduct Judge Motata is required to pay a fine of R1 152 650,40 which amounts to the equivalent of 12 months salary. The money is to go to the South African Judicial Education Institute (SAJEI) for judicial education.
#JudgesMatter #JudgeMotata #SAJEI https://t.co/29Ofzm1qHA
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The #JSC has come to the following verdict with regards to Judge Motata's conduct tribunal:
Judge Motata is found guilty of misconduct.
#JudgesMatter #JudgeMotata https://t.co/3Swixwhazl
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[JSC Interviews] For the 7vacancies at the Gauteng Division of the High Court the following candidates were nominated:
Adv A Maier-Frawley
Mr D Makhoba
Adv M M P Mdalana-Mayisela
Ms S C Mia
Mr M L Senyatsi
Adv R Strydom SC
Dr E Van Der Schyff
#JSC #JudgesMatter #Gauteng

@ALANJEMA Yes, apologies for the delay, we will share the names shortly. #JSC #JudgesMatter

[JSC interviews] We have also been told by the #JSC that the Hlophe Tribunal is set to resume on the 21 October. We are still waiting for more details. #JudgesMatter #HlopheTribunal

[JSC interviews] seven candidates were nominated to the Gauteng bench. Names to follow. We have have also received the final decision in the Motata matter. We will share more details in due course. #JSC #JudgesMatter

[JSC interviews] The #JSC interviews are concluded. The #JSC is now in deliberations. #JudgesMatter #Gauteng

[WATCH NOW] Watch the live stream of the #JSC interview with Adv B C Wanless SC: https://t.co/odAns0xemy #JudgesMatter #Gauteng https://t.co/XFXX4xs6Ki WhyJudgesMatter photo

[JSC Interviews] The #JSC is now interviewing Adv B C Wanless SC for a vacancy at the Gauteng High Court. See more details here: https://t.co/CzAccwrCPA #JudgesMatter #Gauteng https://t.co/0y4obLOeU2 WhyJudgesMatter photo

Van Der Schyff says in her first acting stint she did perceive challenges, took time to adjust to new position. Says she is of the view that the experience that she has gained has prepared for the bench. She has acted for 48 weeks. #JSC #JudgesMatter

Fourie says he has heard from the law bodies that practically and procedurally Van Der Schyff is battling at the court. Van Der Schyff says she wants to know if these comments were made after her 1st acting stint or in her following acting stints. #JSC #JudgesMatter