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Oct 2016 Live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2016 interviews:

Twitter @Whyjudgesmatter

Take a look at some of the other criteria we suggest would make for a good Chief Justice in our latest article: https://t.co/4QLOgbbPn0 #MogoengMogoeng #chiefjustice https://t.co/ZM78bPDiPA WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] Hlophe says ‘assassination plot’ is a bid to sully his name via @dailymaverick #hlophe https://t.co/bGFfjNhZwp

[NEWS] Chief Justice Mogoeng says he is hands-off in alleged Goliath assassination plot investigation via @MarianneThamm @dailymaverick #dailymaverick #chiefjustice #mogoengmogoeng

[NEWS] Former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke recently published a new book which he describes as a 'final cry' for civil accountability and active citizenry. via @dailymaverick
#moseneke #chiefjustice https://t.co/kZ2TcVMqRS

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.” Rest in power, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg

[NEWS] Happening now: The Special Official Funeral Service for George Bizos, 17 September 2020 via @SABCNews https://t.co/cjHNiJa0vd

[NEWS] Western Cape Judge President, John Hlope, calls for a commission of inquiry into allegations alleged murder plot. Judges Matter's Zikhona Ndlebe speaks to @Newzroom405 https://t.co/X7IRuaYwie

"‘Ep #12: "A Constitutional Duty to Tweet" w/ Adv Jatheen Bhima’" on #SoundCloud #np https://t.co/QAgVIOPsfK via @JustUsUnderTree

"Maverick Interview: Judgment Date with Judge Dennis Davis, Episode 36: Dikgang Moseneke" https://t.co/BdaQILcYog via @dailymaverick #Judgesmatter

[News] "Allegations Hlope was part of plot to kill Goliath are 'malicious', says lawyer" https://t.co/64uBRCrkZr via @ewnreporter #judgesmatter #Hlophe

[News] "Mogoeng Mogoeng himself does not assign security to judges, office says" https://t.co/BsQ6SCwTVG via @BusinessLiveSA #judgesmatter #Mogoeng

We reflect on what is behind the judicial robe and the need to see beyond the robe’s privilege and power to address persistent problems facing women judicial officers. https://t.co/y4VdllrKPi #JudgesMatter #Judiciary https://t.co/CmoUsrV2zz WhyJudgesMatter photo

[News] "Judiciary in Crisis : Chief Justice Mogoeng says he is hands-off in alleged Goliath assassination plot investigation" https://t.co/yPeOB0vkKE via @dailymaverick #Judgesmatter #Mogoeng

[News] "Judge John Hlophe wants judicial commission of inquiry to probe accusations against him" https://t.co/kxEX08UBsq via @news24 #Judgesmatter #Hlophe

[News] "Ingonyama Trust Board chair will not drop title ‘judge’" https://t.co/VShKLo251p via @news24 #JudgesMatter #Ngwemya

[News] "JUDICIARY IN CRISIS: Hlophe finally responds to assassination plot allegations – calls for judicial inquiry, accuses Mogoeng of bias, calls whistleblower ‘a snitch’" https://t.co/V89tjnl9qB via @dailymaverick #Judiciary #Hlophe #Goliath #JudgesMatter