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Oct 2016 Live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2016 interviews:

Twitter @Whyjudgesmatter

[NEWS] "Ramaphosa announces four replacements for Judicial Service Commission" https://t.co/2mQWMr7U0B #JudgesMatter #JSC

[NEWS] KwaZulu-Natal Bench defends judge in Jacob Zuma matter against baseless public statements https://t.co/1RiI7I2sH1 via @News24 #JudgesMatter

[JSC Interviews] In April the #JSC will interview 27 candidates for positions in the High Courts. See the full list of candidates here: https://t.co/90nxx3YNvI #JudgesMatter #ConCourt https://t.co/xkD3LhhQwr WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] The JCC has announced that they will meet on Friday, 21 February 2020 at 16h00 at the Constitutional Court to decide on the complaints involving Judge-President Hlophe and Deputy Judge-President Goliath.
Read the official statement here: https://t.co/w4H4p4ifv4 https://t.co/BTlT92Cw1Z
WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] Mandela would have been dismayed by attacks on judiciary - Lamola https://t.co/zwvvhFwGdq via @News24 #JudgesMatter

[OPINION] The Judicial Conduct Committee’s level of delay and lack of transparency in dealing with complaints in the judiciary is cause for serious concern. https://t.co/A0U4qUkoTv #JudgesMatter #Judiciary https://t.co/wjgWW5HOeF WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] Goliath vs Hlophe: Zondo satisfied complaints could lead to gross misconduct finding https://t.co/xUTRNPdvSX via @News24 #JudgesMatter #Hlophe #Goliath

[NEWS] EDITORIAL: Perilous to use judiciary as a punching bag https://t.co/Va5O3rhLco via @BusinessLiveSA #JudgesMatter #Judiciary

[NEWS] JUDICIAL IMBROGLIO: Western Cape Judge implicated in misappropriation of R8m in legal firm trust funds https://t.co/e66Qvtz6NQ #JudgesMatter

[NEWS] Hlophe takes on Goliath in scathing response to JSC complaint: All the hallmarks of a paranoid judge https://t.co/jC33wqo2PZ via @News24 #JudgesMatter #Hlophe

[OPINION] The judiciary did not escape the Zuma-era unscathed @politicsweb https://t.co/U5eLo8DCDv #JudgesMatter #JSC

[OPINION] Adriaan Basson: Mogoeng must lead in the Hlophe morass https://t.co/pSdQ667RNY via @News24 #JudgesMatter

[OPINION] The JSC’s complaints process is non-transparent and slow. https://t.co/A0U4qUkoTv #JudgesMatter #Hlophe https://t.co/0nx3KGtwko WhyJudgesMatter photo

"The publishing of a leaked complaint to the Judicial Service Commission about Judge John Hlophe is a godsend — because it means that the JSC will now face public scrutiny about how it handles the issue." via @dailymaverick https://t.co/vRGKMZYdYz #jsc #hlophe

[NEWS] JSC processes are opaque – Casac calls for Hlophes vs Goliath complaint to be prioritised https://t.co/t63dBHXtko via @News24 #JudgesMatter #Hlophe

[NEWS] Goliath vs Hlophe: To restore confidence in the judiciary, many judges will have to be judged https://t.co/Fzg9gEN7YA #JudgesMatter