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October 2019 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2019 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

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Congratulations to the winners of our Judges Matter/DGRU Annual Essay Competition for the best essay on any issue relating to the judiciary:
Mhleli Khomo, won the Student Category
Jennica Beukes, won the Emerging Academic Category.
Read their essays here: https://t.co/hGSS6OMKVN https://t.co/YIPZyIUfmm
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Nominations are open for the October 2022 JSC interviews. The next round of interviews will take place from 3 -12 October, to fill 24 vacancies in the various superior courts.
Deadline for nominations: 17 June 2022.
See the full list of vacancies here: https://t.co/EjAK8dyjpt https://t.co/rPN0NLgsKg
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[NEWS] "Plans to take South Africa’s courts and legal services online"


The April 2022 #JSCinterviews saw a 'changing of the guard' with a new chairperson, two new commissioners and a new JSC secretary. Did this change how the JSC does its work? We review the events of that week, and what they mean for the future.
Read more: https://t.co/gtZ2wCGbQr https://t.co/kPAd86UlPY
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[OPINION]: "CHRIS OXTOBY: Give those judges a Bell’s — and resources, reform and recourse"
via @BDliveSA

[NEWS] "Expiry of judges’ contracts delays fight against corruption"


Be part of a new generation of judges on the African continent who are practically and theoretically grounded in the art of judging in a constitutional democracy.

Learn more about the UCT Law Postgraduate Diploma in Judicial Studies: https://t.co/sktsXcYNAI https://t.co/xcfxTrRQ9l
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Is our opinion of the courts garnered from personal experience? Or the opinions of others?
According to the most recent @DGRU_ survey, our opinions are primarily garnered from secondary sources: the radio, TV, newspapers & online media.
Learn more here: https://t.co/uyuMVSm8yI https://t.co/e4DQhxYjaz
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Want to be part of a new generation of judges who are practically and theoretically grounded in the art of judging in a constitutional democracy? The @DGRU_ at @UctLaw brings you the Postgrad Diploma in Judicial Studies – a first in Africa.
Read more: https://t.co/xl1oWnMKPN https://t.co/h5GTrLRrve
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Like all good weddings, the JSC April 2022 sitting had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. In this article Judges Matter reviews the week-long April interviews and what they tell us about the future of the JSC.
Read more: https://t.co/gtZ2wCXNf1 https://t.co/oDlu9gFyXJ
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[NEWS] "It’s been 15 months since the Cape High Court reserved judgment in this “emergency” housing case"


[NEWS] "Tony Yengeni guns for Chief Justice Zondo over state capture findings"


[NEWS] "Court paves way for divorcing spouses married out of community of property to claim assets"

[NEWS] "Mkhwebane takes on Zondo in unprecedented application"

#judgesmatter #Zondo

[WATCH] "State of the judiciary | Fearless and independent"
A report by the @DGRU says ConCourt faced unprecedented political pressure in 2021. And suggests that this is an indication of a fearless and independent judiciary.

#judgesmatter #DGRU

The #DGRU recently completed a 4-year research analysis investigating the state of the judiciary in the High Courts in Malawi, Namibia, and SA. Focusing specifically on independence, efficiency and operations, and accountability. Download full report here: https://t.co/uyuMVSDJqg https://t.co/J4wkdp6Hnn WhyJudgesMatter photo

The President has appointed Gauteng Judge Lebogang Modiba as the new President of @TribunalSpecial, a special court set up to recover money lost to corruption.

Learn more about Judge Modiba here: https://t.co/j7NrBKROt5
and about the Special Tribunal: https://t.co/PhjpYf5r6O https://t.co/8utN8NUXP2
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[NEWS] “Judge Lebogang Modiba named new president of Special Tribunal”

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Judges Matter
Judges Matter
"It is highly unusual for any judge, let alone the head of the judiciary, to comment publicly on such a politically sensitive topic, and one that touches directly on foreign policy, which is determined by the ‘political’ branches of government, i.e. the Executive and Parliament." Read more: https://bit.ly/3e2KygK
Judges Matter
Judges Matter
With the current chief Justice’s tenure coming to an end in 2021, we take a look at the crucial role this position plays – both in our judiciary and in our democracy in general. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2ZNW1gv
Judges Matter
Judges Matter
[NEWS] "Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has decreed that all judges must attempt to hand down reserved judgments within three months.

But an analysis of the Constitutional Court’s performance shows that he and his fellow judges do not practise what he preaches and indicates a steady decline in efficiency in the apex court." via GroundUp https://www.groundup.org.za/article/concourt-efficiency-declining/
Judges Matter
Judges Matter
[NEWS] Transformation remains slow for women in legal fraternity: Mokgoro https://www.sabcnews.com/sabcnews/transformation-remains-slow-for-women-in-legal-fraternity-mokgoro/ via SABC News
Judges Matter
Judges Matter
There are two ways that Judges generally consider themselves held accountable. Watch our video to find out more.
Judges Matter
Judges Matter
[Magistrates Matter] The Magistrates Commission is the body which is responsible for advising the Minister of Justice regarding the appointment of South Africa’s magistrates. Find out more about the Commission here: http://bit.ly/2NaI2cF