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October 2018 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2018 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

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"Limpopo Judge President’s ‘court capture’ quarrel with lawyers leads to high court impasse"
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@Thabang_Kgwete @pmakrising We are not aware of any written rules on questioning but we have previously lamented the unevenness of questions due to lack of a clear criteria. Read more: https://t.co/tBODcHzlgR https://t.co/n5fy0Kwn5g WhyJudgesMatter photo

@Wuodabiero Correct. Autocorrect switched the word.

Following deliberations, the Judicial Service Commission has recommended the following candidate for appointment to Northern Cape Deputy Judge President:

Judge Mmathebe Violet Phatshoane

Read more about her here: https://t.co/zD5L5yspj6 #JSCinterviews https://t.co/Zl6Iy8wrGm
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Following deliberations, the Judicial Service Commission will recommend the following candidates for appointment as judges of the Northern Cape:

1. Adv Lawrence Lever SC
2. Adv Sibongile Punch Nxumalo

Read more about both of them here: https://t.co/ju6d8wJfOJ #JSCinterviews https://t.co/KiXZ4xHNUZ
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The JSC's interview with Ms Janine Snyders has ended.

The JSC is now in deliberations over the 3 candidates interviewed for two judge vacancies on the Northern Cape.

#JSCinterviews https://t.co/1uq2bOsvdy
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After deliberations, the #JSC has recommended the following candidate for Limpopo Deputy Judge President: Judge Matsaro Violet Semenya

Read her full profile here: https://t.co/azYFg8dXrU
#JudgesMatter #Limpopo #JSC #JSCinterviews https://t.co/zFPGsauHUv
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Commissioner Tshepe asks what adjudicative experiences does Snyders have other than at the High Court, and the speed of her judgments? Snyders says she was the adjudicate chairperson of a consumer body, and none of her judgments have taken no longer than 3 months. #JSCinterviews https://t.co/oYbyO8vAnz WhyJudgesMatter photo

Madonsela SC asks whether Snyders hands down ex temper judgments? Snyders says she tries to hand down written judgments but has handed down ex temper judgments before. #JSCinterviews

Watch live: https://t.co/laaVU4ca7a https://t.co/3M9LTr8wgG
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Madonsela SC asks Snyders to an objectors' comment that she is racist? Snyders says it's completely untrue as being racist against black people be a form of self hate, "non what basis can I as a coloured woman see anyone else as less?" #JSCinterviews https://t.co/wGmscMHwUb WhyJudgesMatter photo

Commissioner Sigogo asks whether Snyders sees any value in organisations like BLA and NADEL, which champion the cause of black and women lawyers? Snyders says she sees value in them and it's unfortunate that her record does not have many of those organisations. #JSCinterviews https://t.co/r4voXL2OV0 WhyJudgesMatter photo

Matolo-Dlepu says the scourge of GBV is so prevalent in the NC, and wonders if Snyders participate in attorney-led initiatives to combat the scourge? Snyders says she has participated in some initiatives where she has addressed GBV issues https://t.co/0ZeFwmR5qM WhyJudgesMatter photo

Commissioner Matolo-Dlepu asks how Snyders networked with fellow attorneys as her CV doesn't show any organisation membership? Snyders says she managed to transform the leadership of her firm and fellow women attorneys approach her for assistance, which she offers. #JSCinterviews https://t.co/OAx6lRqAjh WhyJudgesMatter photo

Premier Zamani Saul asks what is Snyders' attitude to the fact that the JSC panel has 15 men but only 4 women? She says it is probably reflective of wider society and the legal profession but not the Northern Cape Bench. #JSCinterviews

Watch live: https://t.co/laaVU4ca7a https://t.co/sADGdFNxWk
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JP Tlaletsi asks Snyders whether the appeals against her judgments have been finalised? She says 3 of her six appeals have been upheld and others may still be outstanding as she could not find any information on these.

Watch live: https://t.co/laaVU4ca7a

#JSCinterviews https://t.co/5rN5Y00AVP
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Adv Sibongile Punch Nxumalo's interview has ended.

Ms Janine Adele Snyders, an attorney for 16 years and acting judge, is next up to interview for a permanent judge vacancy in the Northern Cape.

Read more about her: https://t.co/TuG5L1Wmf1
#JSCinterviews https://t.co/QV9trKh58G
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Nxumalo adds that there should be a 'healthy tension' between the arms of state, with parliament analysing and criticising judgments. However, Nxumalo adds, quick reactions to judgments are almost always going to be attacks instead of legitimate criticism. #JSCinterviews https://t.co/RFGmA0NfDn WhyJudgesMatter photo