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October 2017 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2017 interviews:

Twitter @Whyjudgesmatter

When people talk of the judiciary in South Africa, they seldom perceive magistrates as part of the judiciary. https://t.co/j3Ffy03Z6z #JudgesMatter #Magistrates https://t.co/LuPCVKr7nF WhyJudgesMatter photo

In a country like #SouthAfrica, that is plagued by persistently high levels of gender based violence and discrimination, especially against black African women, gender parity on the bench is not enough. https://t.co/Gv4Umk2u1G #JudgesMatter #JSC https://t.co/m55UdemBvo WhyJudgesMatter photo

With questioning being so uneven in #JSC interviews it is encouraging to see that one of the Commissioners, Mr Msomi, is asking questions that go directly to judicial criteria. https://t.co/6NQboyB3n9 #JudgesMatter https://t.co/ZCaGWXxDpB WhyJudgesMatter photo

Mogoeng: Govt must fund political parties for elections to avoid state capture: https://t.co/yxoNYKy92Y via @ewnreporter #JudgesMatter #ChiefJusticeSA #Mogoeng

[News] Mogoeng Mogoeng launches blistering attack on corrupt, self-serving leaders: https://t.co/aoW14pMCKh via @TimesLIVE #JudgesMatter #ChiefJusticeSA #Mogoeng

[News] Corruption 'isn't a black thing', says Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng: https://t.co/uiI8pOlN61 via @News24 #JudgesMatter #ChiefJusticeSA #Mogoeng

[News] Judges keep up with the times: interested parties to proceedings can apply to live stream trials: https://t.co/ks9J3EZdmn via @ZeldaVenter @pretorianews @IOL #JudgesMatter #transparency

[Magistrates] Whilst a substantial body of literature exists on the judiciary and the higher courts, almost no attention has been paid to the magistracy: https://t.co/j3Ffy03Z6z #magistrates #JudgesMatter

The Deputy Minister for @DOJCD_ZA says that Judge Ledwaba is now the head of Magistrates Commission. He thanks outgoing Judge Legodi for his service.

@WhyJudgesMatterMatter at the Budget vote for the Office of the Chief Justice. A focus on governance and a single judiciary across parties

Should judicial candidates have to write an exam to qualify for the bench? Read more about the Italian system for selecting judges here: https://t.co/JcSiH1wRFI #JudgesMatter #JSC #SouthAfrica #Italy https://t.co/UtkeGknmlY WhyJudgesMatter photo

A new survey by @afrobarometer suggests that a significant number of people believe that “most” or “all” judges and magistrates are corrupt. Read more here: https://t.co/ZDnTBoLTJY #JudgesMatter #JSC #Corruption #SouthAfrica https://t.co/PIdcJzzOZ2 WhyJudgesMatter photo

[News] Judge's directive a major court blow for RAF claimants: https://t.co/0CA2CfbGta via @IOL #JudgesMatter #Gauteng #Pretoria #RAF

Find out why the #JSC’s “no acting, no appointment” policy could lead to bad judicial appointments: https://t.co/RuqZmrReEp #JudgesMatter #ConCourt #SCA https://t.co/7v2uOlUFYI WhyJudgesMatter photo

With the next round of #JSC interviews taking place in October the question will again arise as to the criteria that the JSC will use in appointing candidates to the bench? https://t.co/6NQboyB3n9 #JudgesMatter https://t.co/ukCh4meqav WhyJudgesMatter photo

When people talk of the judiciary in South Africa, they seldom perceive magistrates as part of the judiciary. https://t.co/j3Ffy03Z6z #JudgesMatter #Magistrates https://t.co/Izm0uqabYv WhyJudgesMatter photo

[SCA Nominees] Judge Caroline Heaton Nicholls has been nominated by the #JSC for a position on the Supreme Court of Appeal bench. Watch the video of her JSC interview or read her profile here: https://t.co/D7C1UxWnvf #JudgesMatter #SCA https://t.co/pOFIp8Pb9f WhyJudgesMatter photo