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October 2017 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the October 2017 interviews:

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The #JSC decides who sits on the benches of the superior courts of South Africa. This process demands attention from the public so #JudgesMatter live streams the #JSCinterviews every April and October. https://t.co/dO5d0DyTbz https://t.co/tHwPchp4Le WhyJudgesMatter photo

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After three #JSC interviews for the position, Judge Hendricks was nominated to be Deputy Judge President of the North West Division of the High Court in October 2019. Read his profile and watch his interviews here: https://t.co/18PSTPE6dZ #JudgesMatter #NorthWest https://t.co/FcI8SdBVXv WhyJudgesMatter photo

A Judge President and Deputy Judge President must be able to provide not only administrative leadership but also “jurisprudential leadership” in their division. What does this mean? Find out here: https://t.co/VvLnkftYJ7 #JudgesMatter #JudgePresident https://t.co/gGX9Fij25r WhyJudgesMatter photo

[News] Ramaphosa officially opens the first high court in Mpumalanga: https://t.co/GYbbiQVis6 via @SowetanLIVE #Mpumalanga #JudgesMatter #HighCourt

@ClearlawSA Judges Matter is a civil society organization. We monitor the Judiciary and the judicial appointment process as members of the public who have a special interest in judicial transparency. We are not part of the Judiciary. #JSC #JudgesMatter

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The quality of our judges is determined by the quality of the process we use to appoint judges. This process needs to be transparent and accessible to all people in South Africa. https://t.co/dO5d0DyTbz #JudgesMatter #JSC #JSCinterviews https://t.co/R2wfHn1mMP WhyJudgesMatter photo

[News] Prominent Gauteng Judge Willem van der Linde dies suddenly: https://t.co/1q5EfR9DJR via @News24 #JudgesMatter #Gauteng #vanderLinde

Chief Magistrate Daniel Thulare had a fiery exchange with Chief Justice Mogoeng during his October #JSC interview for the Western Cape High Court. Watch the full interview here: https://t.co/FpLEatBNqH #JudgesMatter #MagistratesMatter #ChiefJusticeSA #WesternCape https://t.co/kRFzvdQAlj WhyJudgesMatter photo

[News] Total number of female magistrates now at 48%, says deputy justice minister: https://t.co/1bIaoQEGQM via @Radio702 #JudgesMatter #MagistratesMatter #Magistrates #Equality @JhjSA