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April 2018 live streaming

Here is the live stream of the April 2018 interviews:

For a full schedule of the interviews click here.

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[JSC INTERVIEWS POSTPONED] The JSC has made an official statement saying that the April interviews have been postponed. No new date has been set as of yet. https://t.co/rWkFyCyvNJ #jscinterviews #Covid19SA https://t.co/ylQ2UdcsXl WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] WC Judge President John Hlophe in new storm over court order issued in private chambers via @dailymaverick @MarianneThamm https://t.co/z3qLOgo8Z5

The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services; @RonaldLamola has issued directions on how the courts will be operating to prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19: https://t.co/wBNJSHr3dP via @OpenByLawsZA #Covid19inSA #courts #SALockdown

[NEWS] How Cape Town Magistrate’s Court is coping (or not) with coronavirus rules via @TheCitizen_News https://t.co/lvTHr7HXEH

The @DGRU_'s report on the candidates for the April 2020 JSC interviews can be read here:
https://t.co/Fka2Cqn34S https://t.co/UsjNPjvjAT
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[NEWS] "Fraudster uses chief justice's name in scam to solicit money" https://t.co/DarW06NKPB via @IOL #JudgesMatter #Mogoeng

Traditionally, the first step to becoming a judge is to study law and become an advocate, attorney, or magistrate. Read more about the process. https://t.co/ZeEQL6VnxW #JudgesMatter #JSC #ConCourt #SCA https://t.co/CrXPZJajnp WhyJudgesMatter photo

How commissioner Sifiso Msomi’s questions in the October 2019 interviews brought the issue of the JSC criteria into sharp focus. Read more here: https://t.co/snm50dEbLI
#JudgesMatter #JSC #Judiciary https://t.co/CbDFPTTw8J
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The different parts of our judiciary are all responding differently to the Corona virus pandemic. Read more here: https://t.co/MXHppFLbUr
#Covid19inSA #judicialleadership #mogoeng https://t.co/pA12gCZr6F
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[NEWS] "Judge vs Judge: BREAKING: Ten WC High Court judges file official complaint to the JSC in Judge President John Hlophe assault saga" https://t.co/JjmRPB9Ujv via @dailymaverick #JudgesMatter #Hlophe

The failure of the @DOJCD_ZA to publish the regulations that will apply to the courts yet is concerning. We now have several directives that apply to different high courts, and some magistrates courts also determining their own process.

The need for strong judicial leadership in this time of COVID-19 is paramount. https://t.co/MXHppFLbUr #Covid19inSA #judicialleadership #mogoeng https://t.co/Uk2efCI4UU WhyJudgesMatter photo

WATCH NOW: Our videos of the #JSC interviews have been viewed over 1 million times! Watch the most popular #JSC interviews now. https://t.co/6CzIrtjkiJ #JudgesMatter https://t.co/Cz0XOjN1oc WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] "Courts prepare for battles over lockdown regulations" https://t.co/AR7KWiMDx3 via @BusinessLiveSA #JudgesMatter #Courts

At a time like this, the role of judicial leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic will be critical. Read more here: https://t.co/hEOwDLWHk8 #Covid19SA #judicialleadership #mogoeng https://t.co/xDYs0mLcVV WhyJudgesMatter photo

[NEWS] "GROUNDUP: Judge who chaired Prasa board to face tribunal" https://t.co/Jyy6QpXAkP via @dailyMaverick #JudgesMatter #JCC

[NEWS] "Covid-19: Stringent safety measures at Gauteng High Court, Pretoria" https://t.co/24oES5kPpy via @IOL #JudgesMatter #Covid19inSA

[NEWS] Swift and decisive action is required to bring an end to the dire straits in which the Western Cape High Court finds itself. via @dailymaverick https://t.co/aTthEtsHw4