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Mr Graham Moshoana

Candidate Bio: 

An attorney, Moshoana has acted at the Labour Court. He is an ANC member. Moshoana holds a BProc for the University of the North and an LLB, from Wits University. He has a higher diplomas in labour law and corporate law and an LLM from the University of Johannesburg.



Interview Synopsis: 

A practising attorney, Graham Moshoana, was tested on his ability to write judgments and deliver them on time and his experience in the field of labour law.

He was also quizzed about disciplinary steps taken against his law firm after it was discovered that they were not keeping fee journals. Moshoana said this had happened when he and his partners were still young and had opened up several branches of their law firm, but had struggled to keep up with there practice.

He confirmed that they had pleaded guilty and had been given a suspended sentence. Moshoana said he unreservedly accepted wrongdoing on his part.